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Sam Squirrel

Welcome to the world of Sam Squirrel.

Join Sam on his journey of discovery

where he learns all about neurodiversity.

Sam Squirrel has ADHD is the first book

in the series.

Sam Squirrel meets Anxious Eddie is the second in the series and newly released.

Both are available now for purchase.

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Selina Lee


A passionate ADHD advocate, Selina Lee, was born in 1975, Sydney, Australia. She grew up in a single-parent family with her mother, brother and sister, due to the unexpected death of her father in a motorcycle accident, aged 5.  Selina spent her childhood in Brisbane. Her family were not well off, at times, struggling to makes ends meet.

After school and various jobs, Selina became a Croupier leading to opportunity for travel. She worked on cruise ships in her early 20s travelling the world. She then landed in the UK, changing profession, and spent a decade as a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police Force, London, where she met, Bob ‘The Bobby’.

Wanting a family, Selina and Bob moved to Queensland, where she lives on the Gold Coast, as a Private Investigator.

Selina was diagnosed with ADHD, at 40, after her first son was diagnosed with ADHD, age 6. Selina’s partner and second son have also been diagnosed with ADHD.

Years of misdirection, myth and stigma, led to Selina researching ADHD for five years, and it became evident that ADHD is a prevalent childhood disorder that still remains misunderstood and unsupported.

The difference in early diagnosis and treatment versus not, is stark, and can be life and death. Selina is helping create a better world for her children, writing books, and has setup a charity for children with ADHD.

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Selina Lee
supports early intervention screening for
kids with ADHD

Selina Lee  founded a not-for-profit charity that conducts early intervention Screening of Attention Variables in EDucation with the intention to break the cycle of damaging myth and stigma associated with this permanent, lifelong neurological disorder and its comorbid conditions.

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